Atlas Rail - Australia

Bogie & Spring Tester

The Bogie Test machine is designed to test complete bogies to ensure that weight is evenly distributed across all four wheels. 

Installed in a pit beneath the rails, the machine allows for direct loading and unloading of bogies and it can also be configured to allow trains to pass through when not in use.

Load cells beneath each wheel calculate the loading and should adjustment be necessary, hydraulic rams can lift the bogie to facilitate shimming.

The Atlas Rail Bogie Spring Tester has been designed to either work with the Bogie Test Machine or as an independent machine. It can be used to handle multiple types of spring. When used in conjunction with the Test Bench the same services can be utilised for both machines.

The machine incorporates a linear transducer that is used to measure the spring free length. Measurements taken in this test are used to determine the size of any shims required.


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